Local Channels Now Available on Satellite TV


For many people, the choice between cable and satellite TV has been clear except for one small detail, the absence of local channels. While the programming when it comes to catching the ‘big game,’ and top new programs and movies is undeniably better with satellite service, nothing can beat the feeling of community and connectedness one gets when watching a local channel. While the Weather Channel is great at covering worldwide weather, nobody likes having to watch it for 20 minutes before getting a local forecast! The same is true of local news. Those who rely solely on television from an outside source likely are watching news programs from clear across the country. Sometimes, it would be nice for them to just turn on the TV and see what is happening in their very own state, county or neighborhood.

Now that satellite TV has gone digital, it’s finally possible to get all the local channels you like without having to maintain a local connection elsewhere in the house. Whereas in the past people might have used a combination of the internet and TV to get all their local programming along with a wide range of top home and international entertainment, now it’s possible to get it all just with the TV. Since all television across the US has gone digital, it’s been impossible to get a local rabbit ears connection just for emergencies, but now all that has changed. Before, a person only had the option of choosing cable for a good compromise between the programming he or she wanted and the local coverage he or she needs. Now, it’s possible to get the pay per view, on demand and sports programming only available on satellite and have your local coverage too!

With technology marching forward it’s possible to get up to the minute news right on a device as small as your cell phone. It’s even easier to compute anywhere today too with technologies like laptops and netbooks allowing users to connected to Wi-Fi internet from just about anywhere. While all of that is nice, and extremely convenient, it doesn’t take away from the fact that the average person just wants top quality, all inclusive coverage from the comfort of his or her home. The homeowner is, after all, paying a premium price for such services. This is not to mention that anyone that wants more than just a headline will need a better media source than a cell phone to get all the facts.

In the future, it’s likely the world will see the internet and television merging more and more. With S Video cables and high def connections, it’s easy to download or stream media, music, programs and movies and watch them directly on any big screen TV. The bridge between media found online and found on your TV is growing more connected every day. For many however, the internet revolution is something happening somewhere off in the distance, that cannot be directly applied to everyday life. Enjoy TV and internet more by taking off the pressure of needing either and enjoy entertainment and media more with local channels!