Direct TV Satellite System


The Direct TV Satellite System is a latest innovation that involves the application of satellite technology to the television medium. Hughes is a communication satellite major, which started the use of Direct TV satellite system in 1999. Direct TV today offers hundreds of channels both local and international to its subscribers. It created history by starting the DTH or the DTV revolution and brought home entertainment to TV screens.

Direct TV Satellite System’s greatest advantage is its digital configuration. The digital edge over analogue marks its potential to provide DVD-like picture quality, high definition transmission and crystal clear audio output. These are the factors why it has replaced the home theatre system in popularity. A well defined on-screen guide with tons of relevant program information is an innovation that can only be brought about by digital technology and Direct TV satellite systems.

Dish Network is a popular service provider in the US and they currently offer free satellite TV systems. Each package includes up to four free satellite receivers, a free satellite dish, and free installation from a trained professional. The Direct T.V satellite system allows a service provider to offer a number of channels and several state of the art features such Direct TV TIVO & HDTV.

Direct TV Satellite entertainment has evolved successfully after several years of stiff competition with dish networks. Direct TV operates over many satellites, which float in space over the country. They enable continuous feeding of hours and hours of entertainment into small dishes on the rooftops of a consumer’s home. The technology also allows bundling of internet via satellite and radio channels

The rising price of cable TV is one reason for the rising popularity of Direct TV. A growing trend noticed is that many consumers are disconnecting their cable service and opting for a Direct TV dish. Apart from the savings potential, satellite television system also offers access to a larger number of channels and programming options.