Cable TV Vs Analog TV


Since the discovery of television, people could not get over their television viewing. Granted, television offers the cheapest entertainment which can be shared with your family and give important information of current happenings in the society. The benefits of television could be ignored in fact; this leads to improving the quality of televisions.

In earlier days, television programs are somewhat extension of rain programs. But as technology advances, educational and informative television programs are aired on most networks. In fact, it is also effectively used in advertising products which experts says that people are influenced by what they always saw in television. The conversion from analog signals to digital opens numerous innovations in the digital world. Gradually, people demand more television programs and channels. To address such demand, cable tv (Kabel tv) was introduced. Let us compare the advantages of cable from analog.

• Reception quality – most broadcast stations are transmitting digital signals, so with cable television you get excellent reception of signals compared to analog which you frequently experience fuzzy picture.

• Popularity – obviously, analog is already obsolete and cable is highly preferred by many. To subscribe, you just visit the nearest cable provider in your area.

• Programming – in terms of programming, cable provide its subscribers with high quality. It could handle as many as 260 channels and more. Aside from that, they also offer their subscriber with additional local channels free of charge upon its subscription. It is normally given to its subscribers upon subscription.

• Interactive services – in this area, cable have limited services for these. Better ask for your cable provider for this type of services.

• Pricing – it is cost effective to avail of its numerous benefits of wide range of channeling with excellent reception. Aside from that, it is also advantageous for home with more than one television set since they do not ask additional charge with each set.

• Internet services – cable offers fast internet services. Subscribers normally ask for the inclusion of this service because it is somewhat faster compared to standard DSL.

The above features are not available to analog receivers obviously they run on analog signals while cable television maximizes the features of digital technology. Aside from that, broadcast networks are already using digital transmission technology which is not utilized by analog receiver. With cable television connection at home, you get to enjoy television viewing with the highest audio and picture quality. The digital technology annihilates the interference which is the main problem with analog receivers and gives only nothing but best reception. It is truly far better, though you may think the sentimental value of your analog set; you might try using it with converters. Still, it is excellent to have new digital TV with cable connections.